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Our Mission & Our Foundation


The World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF) is an organization that first and foremost represents unity in the martial arts. Based in New England, we provide support and opportunities to more than 80 schools and individual instructors plus hundreds of students to foster growth and success.

We welcome schools, instructors, and students from all disciplines around the world to join our organization. If you are interested in joining, visit our MEMBERSHIP page.


The World Martial Arts Federation stands on four pillars as our foundation.


We foster Knowledge through seminars for School Owners, Esteemed Instructors, and Students through events and seminars that foster Tournament Preparedness, School Growth, Curriculum Management, Retention, Networking, Staff Development, and more.

We host Tournaments semi-annually for competitors from all disciplines, as well as invitation-only tournaments for our Higher Tiered members.

We celebrate Merit through scholarships, awards, and recognition.  The WMAF rewards it's members with a tier-based system wherein school owners and instructors earn points for their level of involvement in the WMAF whether it be serving on a committee, bringing students to it's semi-annual tournaments, assisting with the formation and administration of the tournaments. Higher tiered school owners and instructors will earn invitations to exclusive events and receive additional elite opportunities.

We promote Unity by providing opportunities for collaboration and camaraderie amongst our members.

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