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Creating Unity in the
Martial Arts

Unique Events, Seminars, Networking & Certifications provide our members with the tools they need to grow.

  • School Owners will have opportunities to connect to develop best practices in their industry

  • Esteemed Instructors will grow their network to highlight their individual skills

  • Individual Students will develop as a martial artist with the support of premier masters

Martial Arts focuses on the individual. 
We offer a community.

Many School Owners struggle with growth and best practices. 

Esteemed Individual Instructors need to network to grow their client base. 

Students require elite level opportunities to move to the next level.

As a School Owner, you find yourself wanting to focus more time on what you love doing - teaching students - and less time on the rest of the grind it requires to run a school.

As an Esteemed Individual Instructor, you have developed your personal system and want to find other like-minded professionals who can benefit from your program.

As a Student, you put 110% in every day in your training and want to take your competitor skills to the next level.

Your WMAF Membership will provide these opportunities through our extensive network, unique training, and digital content.

Growth in the Martial Arts

Keeping You In The Loop

Monthly Newletters full of tailored content to bring you to A-Level.

Focus on Students.png

Focus on Students

With four specially tailored events per year, students will level up their training.

Instructor Development.png

Instructor Development

Certifications and

Bi-Monthly events will have you constantly full of fresh ideas and growing.

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